Club Statement: Kit

Club Statement: Kit

By Andrew Lowe
24 May
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It’s my pleasure to announce that UHC will be moving to Red playing shirts for the 2019/2020 season.

Following the AGM on the 23rd of May, it was voted in that we will move to Red shirts, provided by Adidas and supplier via AllRounder.

The rationale as to the shift is;

Red shirts are cheaper (£35 vs £45 green).
Red shirts are off the peg and have a shorter lead time (max 10 days vs max 90 days for green).
Red shirts would have no minimum order quantity, meaning individual online orders can be placed whenever they are needed. Whereas green would need to be ordered in batch quantities.
The switch will also allow us to create consistency within our kit, as we currently have 10 different shades of green from 10 different suppliers over the last 10 years.
Going with Adidas and AllRounder also means we will have consistent kit design and kit supply for the next 3-4 years, as we will be with the biggest names in the kit industry.

AllRounder also have unique benefits we can take advantage of, such as;

Finance options to spread the cost on orders over £100.
Kit days/nights, where you can come and try on samples for size, place orders there and then, or wait until you’re ready but now are confident in your size choices.
Discount on equipment via AllRounder.

We are currently in the process of seeking funding support, before 1st August, to assist with the change. Sponsorship generation is our best avenue of raising funds to subsidise or pay for the cost of the new shirts. We will be rolling out sponsorship guides, so that all members can approach businesses that will be able to support our endeavours.
This is everyone’s club and needs everyone’s action.

Now is the time for action;
get sponsorship, go red!

Martin Stonehouse

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