Register as a Parent on Pitchero

The easiest way to register is through the Pitchero Club app -

However if using a web browser please follow the instructions below.

1. Visit and click "Join" at the top right of the page

2. Register yourself as a parent first (don't worry if your child is already registered - you can link yourself to them later)

3. You must tick to accept the top 2 boxes that appear for registering yourself, the latter 2 boxes are voluntary. Then select that you're not a robot and click "Next".

4. Select "Parent" as the role you want in the club and click "Next step".

5. Add a child. If your child is already registered, start typing their name which you can then select to add. If your child isn't already registered, select where it says "Click here if your child is not on the list" and fill in their first and last name.

6. Select which team your child plays for and select "Add"

7. Now add any other children or (when all children are entered) click "Next step"

8. Visit "Your Account" and complete your membership info - you MUST complete all the required fields (titles in red). This may seem like a lot of box ticking but it is really important that everyone signs up to our safeguarding, Respect and other policies. Remember you are completing for yourself, not your child(ren). Click SAVE when you've finished.

9. At this stage, if you go into "Your Account" you will see that your role as parent of the child(ren) may be "Pending". That means one of our web admins has to verify that you are that child's parent before you can go any further. We're usually very prompt with our approvals but we apologise if there may be a delay.

9. Log into your account once verified, and go to "Your Account". You will now see that there is a message notification along the top row. Click on "Messages"

10. You should now see a "Great News - you've been accepted as parent of child xxxx" and a request to check the child's info.

11. Click on "View Information" and complete all of the required information on behalf of your child. Again the fields whose names are in red MUST be completed. Don't forget to click SAVE when you've finished.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Urmston HC webmaster here.